Fracture Repairs

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When your dog or cat endures a fracture it may be caused by several different reasons such as: trauma, disease bone, or repeated stress. A fracture is a complete or incomplete break in the continuity of bone or cartilage. A fracture is accompanied by injury to the surrounding soft tissue.

Fractures sometimes are not readily detectable, visible signs at the fracture area could include one or more of the following:

  • Pain or localized tenderness
  • Deformity or change in angulation
  • Abnormal mobility
  • Local swelling persisting 7-10 days after the injury
  • Loss of function

Oakland Animal Hospital uses digital x-ray to determine the accurate diagnosis and selection of the best procedure for patient recovery. We have repaired fractures through splinting, casting, pins, plates and other techniques. The goal of fracture treatment is early ambulation and complete return of function. Reduction and fixation of the fracture should be handled as soon as possible. If you believe your pet has a fracture our office will give this call the priority it needs for the patients best recovery.