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PennHIP is the most accurate hip screening method available and can be safely performed on dogs as young as 16 weeks. If your dog is identified to be at risk for hip dysplasia, our PennHIP approved veterinarian can recommend, at an early age, appropriate treatment plans to delay or diminish the course of the disease. Dr. Timothy Duncan is PennHIP certified and has completed specialized training and quality control exercises to provide this service to our clients. A complete PennHIP evaluation will include office consultation, sedation/anesthesia, and submission of the three PennHIP digital radiographs to The University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program.

Canine hip dysplasia is the most commonly inherited orthopedic disease. This disease leads to hip arthritis causing pain, stiffness, and diminished quality of life; contact us today to discuss with our certified PennHIP veterinarian the keys to reducing hip dysplasia.