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As our canine and feline friends mature, we need to be aware of their ever changing needs when it comes to their health. That once playful, energetic pet may start to show signs of slowing down. Physical exams and blood work may be needed more often. The American Veterinarian Medical Association recommends that senior pets be checked by a veterinarian every six months. Generally, a senior pet is defined by seven years or older. The aging process differs based on breed, weight, gender and physical condition.

It is our goal at Oakland Animal Hospital to help pet owners achieve an understanding of their animal’s health-care needs. We want to help your senior pet maintain a healthy long life. We do this by offering blood work, x-rays, and diagnostic testing. Since every animals’ needs and or symptoms vary, the type of tests and frequency will be determined by your veterinarian. Please feel free to contact our office so that we can design a “wellness” program especially for your senior pet.