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What you feed your pet is extremely important to its overall health.  Your veterinarian can discuss pet food recommendations with you that are based on the age, breed, and lifestyle of your pet.  It is very important that the pet food that you choose has an AAFCO statement printed on the bag.  This means that the food you have chosen is complete and balanced for the life stage of your pet.

Obesity is one of the most prevalent problems seen in veterinary medicine.  Being overweight can dramatically affect your pet’s quality of life by increasing the potential for joint problems, respiratory problems, and decreasing their exercise tolerance.  Obesity also increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, neoplasia, and anesthetic complications.  Studies have shown that being overweight can decrease a pet’s life span by nearly two years.  If your pet is overweight, one of our veterinarians can discuss appropriate diets and amounts of food to feed your pet to help your pet achieve a lean body condition.

When your pet needs a prescription diet, Oakland Animal Hospital has many options for you.  We are able to special order prescription diets from four major pet food companies:  Purina, Royal Canin, Hill’s (Science Diet), and Iams.  We are able to receive most food orders within 48-72 hours.  We routinely work with the veterinary nutritionists at Hill’s when guidance is needed in choosing the right prescription diet for your pet’s nutrional needs.

Good nutrition and a lean body condition are vital to your pet’s health.  During your pet’s annual physical exam, your veterinarian will perform an examination, assess its weight/body condition, and discuss its diet.  Our staff is always happy to answer any additional questions you may have about your pet’s nutritional needs to help it live its best life!

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