The 411 on Fleas

We all know that when the weather gets warmer, we start to see a lot more pests bugging our beloved pets. As the temperatures go up, fleas can really cause your dog or cat some discomfort and give you a lot of headaches. But the question is; how much do you really know about fleas? Here are some of the biggest myths that people believe about those icky, tricky little buggers!

Myth: If you only see one or two fleas, it is no big deal.

Truth: A few fleas can turn into a horde of fleas in a very short time period. They breed with speed! Plus, even a few fleas can cause discomfort to your pet and no one wants that for their faithful companions.

Myth: Your pet only needs preventative a few months out of the year.

Truth: Although low temperatures can help keep flea infestation down in the winter, they still can flourish inside your home. Plus, any warm spells during the winter or an unusually warm spring or fall can make the flea season last much longer. To be safe, it is recommended to use preventative year round.

Myth: I have never seen a flea on my pet and they are only going out in my yard, therefore I do not need preventative.

Truth: Your back yard is constantly being visited by wildlife that can bring fleas and flea eggs into the environment. It is very easy for your pets to pick them up in the yard. Plus, just because you don’t see a flea, does not mean they are not there. Especially on animals with long fur, fleas can sometimes be tough to detect. Better safe than sorry!

Myth: I only need to treat the animal that I see fleas on. All of my other pets are fine.

Truth: If you see fleas on one pet, each and every pet in your household needs to be treated. If you treat one, but skip the others because you don’t see fleas, you are most likely going to get a reinfestation.

Myth: Once I treat my pet, my job is done.

Truth:  The truth is you need to treat your entire home. Fleas love carpet fibers and will stay in them and multiply only to start the problem all over again. Simple vacuuming every day can help eliminate the majority of the population. Then there are treatments that can be purchased at the store. Most importantly, once you have treated your pet and home, keep your pet on preventative! That is the #1 most effective way to keep those pesky fleas out of the house!

Myth: Fleas are a nuisance, but they really are harmless.

Truth:  Fleas are far from harmless. The can do serious damage to your pet and in some severe cases, even cause death. Some conditions that are a direct result of flea bites include: allergic dermatitis, flea anemia, cat scratch fever and tapeworm infections.

Myth: I can get good flea control at the pet store.

Truth: Though some pet stores have started selling more potent flea preventative, the best place to go is your veterinarian’s office. They can prescribe the best product for your pet and their lifestyle and show you exactly how to apply it.


By on March 22nd, 2024 in Pet Care